Join the STEMY Team!

While our initiatives focus on science, technology, engineering, and math education, our fundamental goal is to advance educational equity through by-students, for-students initiatives. This mission is realized entirely by high schoolers and college students who are motivated to make tangible impacts and transform others’ lives.

Each year, we open an application for high school students to join the STEMY team. First and foremost, we’re looking for applicants who are passionate, motivated to serve the community, and dedicated to transforming the lives of other students—no particular interest or expertise in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics is required.

Students who are accepted join as STEMY Fellows and gain hands-on training and experience working in marketing, graphic design, funding, or program development over the course of six months. The fellows program is like a trial period—participants decide if they enjoy working on STEMY and it enables us to ensure that you’re a good fit for our organization. In November of each year, fellows who’ve successfully completed the program will join STEMY as full team members.

Being a team member of an entirely student-run nonprofit organization as a high schooler is an incredibly unique experience, allowing fellows to develop skills that most only learn in the workplace. As a fellow, you can learn how to write effective grants, create compelling designs with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, develop and execute engaging programs, and communicate our work to the community. Most of all, you’ll join a tight-knit group of motivated, talented, outstanding students who are dedicated to improving the local community.

We understand that most of the skills our team members develop aren’t necessarily things that high schoolers have learned yet. Therefore, we do not require any previous experience in design, marketing, funding, or program development. We’re looking for leaders who are willing to collaborate and persevere in order to achieve new goals and, most importantly, who are dedicated to effecting change in the community. If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for a position in our second fellowship cohort.

Application Details:

While there’s one application for all students, after being accepted, fellows will divide into two groups: Science Education Fellows and Science Outreach Fellows. Education fellows will focus on developing and executing new initiatives to engage students in STEM fields, while Outreach fellows will focus on funding, designing, marketing, and raising STEM literacy in the community. We ask that you indicate which fellowship you’re leaning towards on the application, but this decision is far from final. To fill out the brief application form, please click here or visit

After the application deadline closes, several students will be selected for a short, 15-minute video interview. The purpose of this interview is for us to learn more about you. After the interview period, final decisions will be announced over email.

We’re always seeking new, creative, and dedicated workers and we encourage you to apply to join our team. Feel free to contact us at with questions, comments, or concerns.


  • March 31: Applications are due by 11:59 p.m.
  • March 31 – April 4: Applications are reviewed through a blind review process. This means that reviewers will not see your name on the application, only your responses.
  • April 5: Interview notifications by email
  • April 8 – April 14: Video interview period
  • April 30: Decision notification
  • May 1: Fellows program begins
  • November 1: Fellows program ends