Greathouse Scientific Method Workshops

The Greathouse Elementary Workshops teach 40 fifth graders about the scientific method. They will then use this knowledge to devise their own, independent project to be presented at an after-school science fair hosted by STEMY.

With the knowledge and experience gained from this workshop, students will be prepared to move on to the next level of scientific inquiry in middle and high school.

Workshops are every Thursday from 3:45-5PM, starting on 1/18. For four meetings, we discussed the scientific method through hands-on laboratory experiments. Starting on 2/15, students will be mentored one-on-one for three sessions by high school volunteers with science fair experience. Then, on 3/8, STEMY will host the after-school science fair!

Participant Information:

  • 2/15 – Come prepared with ideas! We’ll approve your ideas and you’ll develop hypotheses and begin writing your procedure.
  • 2/22 – We’ll finish up and approve procedures. Then, you’ll collect your data.
  • 3/1 – Come with your data! We’ll help you analyze it and you’ll draw conclusions.
  • 3/8 – Come prepared with a tri-fold board and a presentation, it’s science fair day!