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Innovation (2018)

Innovation is a peer-reviewed scientific publication featuring research articles and feature pieces produced by high school researchers from around the Louisville community.

With this issue of Innovation, we hope to share with the community the truly outstanding things that students with strong STEM backgrounds are capable of. This journal both educates and inspires by showcasing the amazing feats accomplished by passionate, hardworking high schoolers. Innovation (2018) will be launching on February 14th.

For a sneak peek of this year’s copy, please click the cover page (to the right). To order a copy of Innovation, please click here and follow the directions on the form. All proceeds from Innovation will go towards furthering our mission, to break gender, racial, and socioeconomic barriers through STEM education.

If you would like to learn more about Innovation and how you can get involved, please e-mail Eddy Zhong, editor-in-chief of Innovation, at eddy@stemy.org