Lowe Elementary Workshop

Lowe Elementary Workshop

November 13, 2017 STEMY Programs 0

STEMY offers a variety of programs to introduce young students to core principles of science and the scientific method. One of these programs was a science fair project workshop conducted at Lowe Elementary for 4th and 5th graders in April 2017.

Each of the 12 students who participated in this program developed a research project independently. Throughout the course of the science workshops, students went through the stages of the scientific method and at the end of the program, presented their own project at the mini science fair hosted by STEMY.

Tanner Pruitt, the director of the workshop, says this program “will give early exposure to the process of research and the scientific method which will prepare these students for their academic future” and pique their curiosity in STEM fields.

STEMY intends to continue this program at Lowe Elementary this upcoming school year and expand this content to other local schools.

For more information about this program, or other STEMY programs, go to our website at stemy.org

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