STEMY Science Kits

STEMY is in the process of developing science kits: boxes full of all the materials you need to conduct fascinating science experiments plus an engaging, understandable comic book instruction manual.
These kits are meant to introduce elementary and middle school students to exciting and advanced content not taught in school curricula. Our science boxes will focus on showing students the real-world applications of cutting-edge science in an intuitive format, differentiating them from anything students would learn or experience in school. The first round of kits will teach students about frugal paper diagnostics, an upcoming field that exploits the complex properties of paper to create low-cost diagnostic and chemical tests that address global health issues.
For every kit sold, we will donate one to a student in need and the kits will be sold at the lowest possible price that covers the cost of the sold and donated boxes. This program will allow students from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds to explore innovative and complex fields of science through simple and intuitive experiments. Students who purchase boxes or receive a donated box will learn about fascinating science and its applications to solving real world issues, which we hope will encourage students to continue pursuing STEM as a passion or career.
We’re currently developing and perfecting experiments for the kits and we plan to begin testing in January 2018. Our final product will be available for purchase in March 2018.