What is STEMY?

Our founders created STEM + Youth, or STEMY, because they recognized the immense positive impacts that an engaging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education had on their lives and wanted all students, regardless of background or gender, to be able to participate in the same types of experiences.
We began as an after-school club run by a few passionate individuals, but after seeing the tangible impacts our programs had on our high school, we realized how much change could be effected in the local community by expanding our reach. And from there, STEMY was born.
Our mission is to foster innovation, curiosity, and learning by engaging students from all ages, genders, and backgrounds in STEM education. Getting a high-quality STEM education throughout childhood and adolescence has been shown to develop problem-solving skills, build confidence, and motivate students to enter high-paying jobs in the future. We fulfill our mission through several programs, including elementary school workshops for traditionally underserved students, a formal journal for sharing high school student research with the community, and a program that connects rising middle and high schoolers with professional scientific mentors.
Our organization is run entirely by passionate high school students who, amidst busy school days and constant streams of homework, make the time to help us accomplish our mission. Learning from peers has been shown to be incredibly beneficial in education, and we hope that this allows our organization to be uniquely impactful in the community.
Please contact us at info@stemy.org with questions, comments, or concerns and follow us on Twitter at @STEMYLou and like our Facebook page /STEMYLou.